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HMLG Logo Design Options

Here are the options for HMLG's revised logo. As requested, I've designed two options - one similar to the old logo and the other a complete redesign. Things to consider when reviewing: 

  • Does it adequately reflect what HMLG stands for?

  • Font Style / Size / Positioning?

  • Colour Scheme (Colour vs Black & White, a different green or different yellow?)

  • Line weight (probably relates more to Option 2)


Original HMLG Logo

General public will not necessarily know what HMLG stands for by looking at this. Logo format means that it can't be resized without losing resolution. Also has a white, not transparent background.


Option 1

Redesigned logo keeping strong reference to original HMLG logo. Replaced HMLG acronym with full name. Original HMLG Wheat was redrawn as a vector to enable resizing and colour change.


Option 2

Redesigned logo keeping reference to wheat but also introducing reference to other defining characteristics of the Harden area -grazing, hill(s), tilled fields, native vegetation (hope attempt at a stylised Euc was somewhat successful?)


Option 2

As above but with no tree.

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