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30 years of Landcare in Harden

We are a not-for-profit community organisation of landholders, farming families and local businesses working together to promote a balanced approach to agricultural land use in Jugiong Creek Catchment, Harden, New South Wales.



HMLG was founded on 26 February 1990 with 70 members and today, have a membership of more than 240. We encompass the former Harden Shire in the Jugiong Creek Catchment of New South Wales, Australia.

Over the decades, HMLG have evolved together with changes in the Australian landcare environment and developments in technology. When we first began, our main focus was to support local farmers and landowners by sourcing and providing information and training through workshops, field days and our member newsletter. During this time, we were also actively engaged in innovative research on sustainable land use practices.

Some of these projects led to significant leaps forward in how we manage our land sustainably in Australia; forming the basis for improved management practices that are now standard practice today. Other projects initiated by HMLG have launched much larger scale projects that continue to this day and are now led by universities or research institutions, such as CSIRO. 


We sometimes form smaller subgroups to work on specialised subject matter or region/s within Jugiong Creek Catchment. Examples include Ladies on the Land and The Binalong Landcare Group.

In recent years, HMLG have focussed more on the benefits of smart technologies, such as soil moisture probes, for improved decision-making and farm management. This website was established to support farmers and our community by making that information readily accessible. Given our extensive history of research and innovation, this website also preserves and makes publicly accessible, key findings, reporting and other resources produced from our projects to date.

We actively seek to facilitate mutually beneficial connections between farmers, commercial enterprise, environmental research organisations, and all levels of government.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do or work with us,
we’d love to hear from you!

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Chair: Brad Thorsby

Vice Chair: Tim Powell/

                 Duncan Stewart

Secretary: John McGrath

Treasurer & Public Officer:                          Louise Hufton

Executive Committee: Penny                   Jacobs/ Bronwyn Ryan

Click on the link to see our gallery of past and present committee members and Landcare Award Winners



We support sustainable and profitable farming in Jugiong Creek Catchment with the goal of encouraging biodiversity and regeneration to maintain a healthy environment for current and future generations

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