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Cropping & Pasture Management

Across the Fenceline / Soil Moisture Probes
Real-time soil water measurements in Harden

What began as a joint initiative between HMLG, CSIRO and GRDC continues to provide local growers with real-time plant-available water measurements from soil moisture probes installed across the Harden district.

Pasture Management
Getting to the root cause of subclover decline in NSW

Local farmers had observed that pasture legumes were not thriving in NSW pastures like they used to. HMLG together with six other landcare groups, designed and implemented a study to investigate the issue.

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Yield Prophet Trial Subscription
Matching crop inputs with potential yield in Harden

HMLG provided a free trial subscription to Yield Prophet for Harden grain growers between 2015 and 2017.

Alternative fertilisers for improved native pasture production in the NSW Southern Tablelands

During sustained periods of drought, landholders have come to appreciate the quality and persistence of native grasses under stress compared to non-native pasture species.

Binalong Carbon Project
Carbon cycling and storage in a grazing landscape 

HMLG collaborated with the Australian National University to assess how much carbon the Binalong livestock and grazing community were taking out of the atmosphere, and how much they were releasing through their activities

Cereal Stubble Management
Alternative Strategies for Managing Cereal Stubble

HMLG led a long-term study to investigate improved methods of cereal stubble management. This project formed part of a larger study of stubble management in the Murrumbidgee Catchment.

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Native Pastures
Improving productivity by topdressing native pastures with lime

Binalong Landcare Group established this demonstration to investigate the profitability of topdressing native-based pastures with lime.

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Weed Control
Biological Control of Scotch Thistle and Paterson’s Curse

HMLG collaborated with CSIRO in early trials of insects as biocontrol agents, with 130 releases occurring in the Harden Shire.

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Sustainable Farming
Building a Sustainable Farming Systems Database

The Sustainable Farming Systems Database was developed by HMLG with the aim of providing information to help farmers understand their crop dynamics to determine optimum use of their land.

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