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1998 - 2005
Topdressing Native Pastures with Lime

Binalong Landcare Group established this demonstration between 1998 and 2005 to investigate the profitability of topdressing native-based pastures with lime. The site comprised three paddocks. Lime and fertiliser were applied at different rates and grazed with young Merino wethers. The pasture consisted of predominantly native perennial grasses, annual grass and broadleaf species and subterranean clover, which is typical of much of the country in the Binalong area.

The five years of economic data collected over the course of the demonstration indicated that liming such pastures had marginal economic benefit.


The monitoring of lime movement, soil phosphorus levels and pasture growth rates obtained during the project has however been used to provide better recommendations to local producers, as well as being used as a teaching aid for courses such as PROGRAZE.

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