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Cool soils project: 35 cool farmers needed

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Are you keen to learn more about soil carbon, get access to free soil testing and understand how farm management practices influence soil health?

The Australian Cool Soils Initiative is designed to help farmers improve sustainability. With support from Mars Petcare, Kellogg’s, Allied Pinnacle and the Manildra Group, its aim is work with farmers to develop a scientifically credible framework and support croppers in innovative agronomic strategies to increase soil health.

By investing in the long-term future of the industry, the Cool Soils Initiative hopes to drive emissions reductions and improvements in water use efficiency.

FarmLink is seeking to engage 35 farming businesses in 2021-22 to participate in the Cool Soils Initiative.

Those who join the project will:

  1. Receive free soil sampling on 5 locations on their farms with GPS location noted

  2. Learn about the influence of farm management practices on soil carbon through small group meetings and an annual workshop

  3. Through contributing their data to the project strengthen the value and reliability of outputs generated from the Cool Farms Tool

  4. Be required to provide information to the project about their paddock history, farm management practices and seasonal data as the year unfolds

  5. Be available to attend two meetings throughout the 12 months including an annual meeting with Project Partners, Farm Businesses and FarmLink to discuss and review the outcomes of the project.

Farming Businesses that participate will be invited to continue with the project in subsequent years.

To take part in the Cool Soils Initiative, please contact

Andrew Bulkeley at FarmLink

0488 448 236 or

Cool Soils Timeline

By September 30, 2021:

A total of 35 Farming Businesses will be identified for the project for 2021-22 and will undertake soil analysis on their properties as per the CSI standard method. Up to 2 Innovation Paddocks to be established from within the Farming Business participants to observe the impact of management practices on GHG and soil carbon.

By February 28, 2022:

Seasonal Data from farm businesses will be captured. FarmLink to work with participating Farming Businesses to capture the paddock history, management practice, seasonal data, etc into the Cool Farms Tool. (CTF)

By April 30, 2022:

We will share the aggregate results from the use of the CFT and exchange ideas with Farming Business participants on how to improve agronomic, economic and conservation outcomes through Small Group Meetings and an Annual Grower Meeting with Farming Businesses, Project Partners and other Stakeholders to share the learnings from the project and discuss potential paths forward.

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