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What is new in 2022?

The first half of 2022 has been busy, with Covid restrictions lifting and enabling a relaunch of Landcare activities for the group. A fabulous dinner in April gave members an opportunity to reconnect with each other and to hear an inspiring address from Andrew Campbell, CEO of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Julie Roberts, one of our Ladies on the Land, has been appointed as HMLG Co-ordinator for 1-2 days per week. She has been working closely with Louise Hufton as she takes on grant application, project management, and communication activities for the group as directed by the committee. The Strategic Plan developed in our workshops last year is providing the direction for both short and longer term goals, with some exciting opportunities ahead.

A wide range of workshops, training, and field days are available this year now that events are opening up again.

What have our members been up to?

Our Younger Farmers group have held a very successful field day back in February with a demo of Horsch equipment and Evolve Engineering Roller Crimper, followed by a BBQ.

As a follow-up from the Ladies on the Land Carbon Accounting workshops last year, funding has been secured through The Landcare Farming Program for a 2 year project for HMLG to conduct a Soil Carbon Benchmarking project. July will see a relaunch of our regular Ladies on the Land workshops.

A number of our members have also been approved for the Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot 2 Project. This pilot is part of the Australian Government’s Biodiversity Stewardship Program, where farmers receive payment for plantings that deliver biodiversity and carbon abatement.

For ongoing updates for HMLG and the wider Landcare network…you can now find us on social media!


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