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You told us, we listened, to build a next generation Landcare

Back in late May, early June we held a couple of workshops to reset and redefine HMLG for the future.

A big thanks to those of you who managed to attend one or more of the workshops ... you gave us a lot of great content to work through.

The key take outs are summarised below:

HMLG Purpose 1. Creating regional landscape health 2. Building adaptive and resilient farming systems 3. Creating opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge 4. Facilitating research and practice change 5. Influencing through a unified connected voice You told us you want to:

· Create a regional landscape health road map · Gain knowledge on carbon capture and putting it into action · Understand existing HMLG data base of projects / research, how it can be best presented, what we have learnt, gaps and future projects / research. · Turn data into productive information · Enhance communication strategies – digital, chat platform (driven by sub groups), face to face. · Embrace new technology – open days, sharing of technology and information to the broader community · Embrace different cropping, grazing and stock management practices – open days, sharing of practices and information to the broader community · Connect to local community – events, trips, articles, Environmental Initiative Committee, evidence-based information sharing, town-based landcare · Continue to support / facilitate fundamental landcare work – awareness of grants and funding, tree planting and revegetation, land management education etc · Develop and maintain strategic relationships with relevant organisations such as Farm Link, CSIRO, CSU, (drought and innovation hub), LLS (Farming Forecaster), Farmer’s for Climate Action, other uni’s, local government etc · Create Young Farmers sub group · Employ a co-ordinator We're excited about the potential for these activities to improve the health of our landscapes, businesses and community. Integral to their success will be the appointment of a part time co-ordinator. We're now at a stage to recruit for that position, so please contact us if you are interested, or know of anyone who would be suitable.

Those who attended a workshop will recall the facilitator, David McKenzie, who was utilisiing some output from the workshops for his work on strengthening Australian farmer's adaptive responses for reducing effects of climate risk. David would like people who were new to HMLG and attended a workshop to complete a 15 minute survey via this link.

It would be most appreciated if you could take the time to complete this survey, even if your only exposure to HMLG has been at the workshop.

We look forward to sharing more with you as we get traction on the various activities ... hopefully Covid won't impact our ability to hold open days etc for too long.

The HMLG Committee

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